Blair Public School

As early as 1891, a Mrs. Nelms taught a subscription school in her home. Parents paid a small fee for each child who attended, with twelve to twenty-five students enrolled. The first schoolhouse was built in 1893 and was called Dot because Dot was the name of the settlement at that time. It was located one-half mile south of the present Blair School and was an unpainted structure. There was one room and one teacher, T.W. Thorne. He was one of the first teachers. Other teachers at Dot were Mrs. Myrtle Radburn, Mrs. Bill Gray, Miss Lydia Fennel, Miss Maggie Miller, Miss Mollie Tuttle and Mr. John Reid. The length of each school term was flexible, sometimes as short as three months. There was no grading system at first. The children were simply placed in different classes according to their level of learning.

Because some of the patrons were unhappy with the school's first location, it was moved one mile east, only to be moved back to its original location the next year.



















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